If you are having trouble figuring out a present for someone, how about the gift of fun?

I sometimes have a difficult time figuring out gifts for people. You don't want to get them a present that they are going to turn around and put in their next garage sale.

A couple of years ago, I started a new approach. I'm giving the gift experiences. Something they can do as opposed to something they can have. It could be a dinner or tickets to an event. It has gone over well. People love it.

If you like that idea, I have a suggestion for you. Check of the Rockford Park District. This holiday season, they are offering the "Gift of Fun."

It will give someone on your Christmas list fun activities to do in Rockford.

Here are just a few of the items available.

  • Gift Card - They can pick which location themselves.
  • Magic Waters - Be able to hit the slides whenever they want.
  • Golf - How much would they appreciate you for this gift?
  • Snow Park at Alpine Hills - Will keep them busy in the winter.
  • Nicholas Conservatory - Beautiful location and is always changing.
  • Canine Corners Dog Park - Make the pets happy too.
  • Sapora Playworld - The kids will enjoy it.

Think of all the smiles you will see on Christmas.


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