The Chicago White Sox chose the Schaumburg Boomers stadium as their club practice field for the 2020 season.

Maybe you can't catch a White Sox game at whatever their field is called this year... Guaranteed Rate, right? But, if you drive to Schaumburg, you might be able to hear the crack of an MLB bat.

The Schaumburg Boomers released a press release this week naming their field as this year's training site for the Chicago White Sox.

While there's no word on if that means fans can come watch the club team practice, there are some massive renovations included in this plan which means the stadium is getting an upgrade.

According to the Boomers, they will be doing the following:

  • Installing an all-weather hitting and pitching tunnel in right field;
  • Full upgrade of the playing field to MLB dimensions and specifications;
  • Conversion of the suite level “Schaumburg Club” to a strength conditioning area for player use;
  • Renovation of the clubhouses and training areas to meet social distancing protocols;
  • Creation of multiple food service areas, including on-site dining and “to go” options;
  • Two health screening and testing locations for players and staff.

Even though I'm a Cubs fan, I'm pretty excited to report anything baseball related right now, even the White Sox new training field. GO BASEBALL.

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