Shermain Miles of Chicago, is currently behind bars in downstate Illinois. What did she do, let's start back in 1978. HuffPost

Starting back in 1978 to the current day, Shermain has been arrested nearly 400 times!

Shermain has been breaking the law and in and out of jail so many times, I wonder if she has her own wing?

Here's a good one, back in 2013 she chased after a Chicago Alderman and slapped, kicked, punched, shoved other individuals on the street in the process. This one got her in deep, because of a parole violation from 2010 when she robbed a 75-year old man at knifepoint. This lady has no stop!

How did this all begin, this whole life of crime thing? She was busted for breaking into a car in 1978. That is what the stolen wheels in motion for Shermain, and the variety of crimes is pretty impressive too!

Here are some of her crowning moments:

  • burglary
  • assault
  • drug possession
  • public indecency 

Her best year in the ARREST GAME was 1988 when she was arrested twenty five times! Shermain has not only spend significant time behind bars, she also has been in and out of mental health hospitals. When she's not in those locations, she's living on the street.

Chicago Alderman James Cappleman (the one she chased) was quoted as saying:

“She has a history of pulling a knife and holding it to people’s necks, it raises the issue about a very broken system.” - Alderman Cappleman

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