Cherry Valley Illinois is once again doing their "Art on Fire" contest, which is totally bad ass! Cherry Valley Police

Letting community members show off their artistic side, create bonding and a community working together to beautify the area...genius! Love this.

So here's the concept, the community members paint their nearby fire hydrant...Make it as cool as you want, and then on the police "National Night Out" which is in August (this is in every town and community) they announce the winners of the "Art on Fire" contest.

National Night Out is about bonding with your local police. There's food, games, and fun stuff involving local police officers from your hometown.

I don't wanna influence your voting, but I think we found this years winner! Now I might be a little "rock and roll" bias with my pick to win, but look at the detail that went into this by John Randolph...Which by the way, he has a little Eddie Van Halen in him too!!!

John Randolph
John Randolph

Seriously so awesome!

But to be fair I'll post some more of these from the Cherry Valley Police Facebook Page:

These are ALL pretty amazing and creative!

National Night Out is happening on August 2nd this year, so whether you want to drive through Cherry Valley to check these out or just go to your communities "National Night Out" it's totally worth it and it's a good time for all ages.

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