A film by Rockford native Bing Liu did not take home the award for the Best Documentary Feature Oscar at the 2019 Academy Awards. However, the film still had such an incredible night. To even receive an Oscar nomination is an incredible honor that everyone in the Stateline recognized.

Liu's film "Minding the Gap" was beat out for the Oscar by "Free Solo." However, seeing the film on the big screen during the nominees was so cool. A classic award show question that everyone is asked is 'What are you wearing?'. I couldn't wait to check out how Bing Liu looked at the Oscars. Turns out Liu wasn't exactly asked the same question everyone else is.

Check it out -

Instead of the classic "What are you wearing?" Bing Liu was asked "What are you skating?". If you haven't seen the film this is a reference to the skate boarding theme at exists throughout the film.

Whether Liu left with an award or not, the night was still a win. Congrats to Bing Liu and all of the cast. For more details of the night you can head here.

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