Welcome to episode one of "Classic Rock Smackdown". Poison vs Cheap Trick.

Mychal Watts / Theo Wargo, Getty Images
Mychal Watts / Theo Wargo, Getty Images

Every week Double T and Captain Jack will get together to debate some seriously intense topics...(cough, cough) and this one, is "awesome".

Ths summer Cheap Trick and Poison are hitting the road together on the "Nothing But a Good Time" tour, so which one is better? What better way to start off a new video series than with a debate that hits close to home.

Both bands, both camps, have been extremely nice to both of us over the years so it's really not like we are picking sides here. But for the sake of the video, we did.

Enjoy the first episode of "Classic Rock Smackdown" Poison vs Cheap Trick.



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