The 'Rock Hall For Three" Tour was in Chicago Tuesday night.

Photo - Karen Nielsen
Photo - Karen Nielsen

Cheap Trick, Joan Jett and Heart have hit the road for the summer and made a stop up the road Tuesday night.

So when you have three amazing talents like this on the road the first question to me is, who opens the show? Cheap Trick is the opening act, which I personally don't agree with but some people do need their beauty sleep I guess.

Also, when you put an incredible line up like this together there has to be a jam session right?

Chicago was treated to something special when Cheap Trick joined Heart on stage to do an interesting cover song choice, check it out.


So you have two AMAZING rock voices on stage and the song choice is "Love Hurts"? Huge crowd, three amazing artists, "Love Hurts"? Here are my idea's, I really should just text these to certain people:


  • Beatles - Come Together
  • Grand Funk Railroad - We're an American Band
  • Aerosmith - Dream On
  • Anything by Nickelback (Totally kidding)





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