Cheap Trick took seven years between releasing The Latest and 2016's Bang, Zoom, Crazy ... Hello – their longest stretch between studio efforts ever. The band is promising a much quicker turnaround for the follow-up.

"We've been in the studio working on a new album," Cheap Trick confirmed today on Twitter. They "hope to have [this as-yet untitled project] completed by spring and released at the beginning of summer 2017."

Cheap Trick actually began work on new music almost immediately following Bang, Zoom, Crazy ... Hello. “The thing is, we’re going to keep going,” Cheap Trick bassist Tom Petersson said in 2015. “We want to record a record every year and just keep them coming out – like in the old days when everybody had a record out every six months, us included. We’re writing all the time, so what good is it if those [songs] don’t come out?”

Since then, Cheap Trick have been on a hot streak.

They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, mounted a well-received tour with Joan Jett and Heart and made an appearance on PBS concert series Front and Center. Highlights of the latter show, recorded at the Melrose Ballroom shortly after Cheap Trick's induction, included "When I Wake Up Tomorrow" – the second single released from Bang, Zoom, Crazy ... Hello.

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