Nothing says good morning quite like Cheap Trick staring back at you while eating breakfast.

Photo - Rick Nielsen
Photo - Rick Nielsen

This can really happen now as Cheap Trick is featured on a box of Very Berry Cheerios.

Through the Feeding America campaign musicians are featured on boxes of Very Berry Cherrios. Every day millions of children and adults do not get the meals they need to thrive.  Feeding America works to get nourishing food from farmers, manufacturers, and retailers to people across the country in need.

O.K. seriously though, Cheap Trick is on a box of cereal. Cheap "Trix" cereal wasn't available? "Surrender" your spoon for the sweet taste of Frosted Flakes? Are you Coo Coo for Cheap Trick? O.K., I'll stop.

I would like to see the following Cheap Trick products happen in 2017:

  •  Action Figures - Robin Zander with Kung-Fu Grip
  •  Chia Pets - Daxx, say no more
  • Cheap Trick Car Air Fresheners - There might have been something like this back in the day, "the smell of Tom Petersson after an hour concert"
  • Cheap Trick Condoms - Mommies alright, daddies alright, no baby on the way.


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