Illinois drivers watch out for farm equipment while using roads in rural areas.

We've been crushed by the weather for several months now. First, there was the brutal winter. Then a very wet spring. Nice days have been few and far between.

That has pushed back many outdoor activities including the farmers planting their crops.

When there is a window of good weather, the farmers have been trying hard to catch up.

Normally, this time of year, you don't have to look out for farm equipment when you're driving in the country. Since it's a late start, please use caution.

Thanks to the Jefferson County Farm Bureau for posting some tips on their Facebook page.

1. SLOW DOWN as soon as you see a piece of slow-moving equipment. You will reach it much faster than you think. 
2. The standard rules of the road apply—you cannot pass a piece of farm equipment if you are in a no-passing zone. 
3. Before you pass, check to be sure the farmer is not attempting to make a left-hand turn. Check the left side of the road for field entrances, gates, driveways, etc that they may be turning in to. Look for a turn signal or hand sign. Many times, a tractor’s turn signal can be confused with the standard flashing lights on a slow-moving vehicle. 
4. Farmers in large equipment have to be on the lookout for obstacles such as mailboxes, road signs, etc before they can move over on the road to let you pass. 
5. Farmers are not trying to make your life more difficult. They are doing the best they can to get to their destination as quickly and as safely as everyone else. 

Remember to be patient and think about safety first.

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