We are set to announce 2016 Brews and BBQ today at 5pm.

Photo - Rob Carroll

Last year we debuted a brand new Labor Day Weekend Party for Rockford Brews and BBQ. What an incredible event, Bret Michaels brought his "A Game".

Today at 5pm we make the official announcement for Brews & BBQ II. There are so many fun things, changes, added pieces to this year's event...Labor Day Weekend will rock for sure.

But let's look back for a moment, our First Annual Brews & BBQ featuring Bret Michaels.

Here are my Top 10 Brews & BBQ 2015 Moments:


Walking into Lions Park in Rockton the night before to check on the staging and lights. There was a moment where my chest tightened and I think I stopped breathing. It was on! Here we go...

  •  My kids posing for "prom style" photos with Lori.
  •  Pre show shot of whiskey with Bret
  •  Standing on stage introducing Bret Michaels with Lori and my kids
  •  Running out of beer
  •  All of the crazy fans dressing up to meet Bret
  •  All of the crazy Bret fans that "would do anything" to meet him
  •  Meeting new friends through events that have the same passion for this that I do
  • The Eagle went "next level" that night
  • Being able to do the first Brews & BBQ in Rockton
  • Bret gave all he had and put on an incredible performance

Tonight at 5pm we give full details about this September's Brews and BBQ. Can't wait to party Labor Day Weekend with all of you again!