The 2017 Rockford Labor Day Parade had lots of great moments, but this highlight has to be one of my favorites.

Who doesn't love a parade? They are fun for the whole family. The Rockford Labor Day Parade didn't disappoint.

It had everything I look for in a parade. Free candy for the kids, loud fire trucks and police cars, marching bands, and the Shriners driving some sort of fun mini vehicle.

Video: Rockford Labor Day Parade 2017

Through the years, I've seen the Shriners drive little cars, mini bikes, and even magic carpets. I was really impressed with this Rockford group. They had mini airplanes. It's the perfect theme to go along with the Aerospace industry in town.

I often wonder why do they drive these go carts.

According to,

"They're purely entertainment for the kids, of course. As a way of distinguishing themselves during parades, the Shriners started wearing elaborate costumes and driving tiny cars designed more for tricks than speed."

I'm glad they are involved with parades. They always make me smile and are a highlight of the day.

What was your favorite part of the parade?


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