World's largest cannabis convention series brings a new event to Illinois.

Marijuana Is Very Popular In Illinois

It is no surprise to me that the legalization of recreational in Illinois has been huge. I have always considered Illinois a big weed state. The residents are big fans and they have proved to be big supporters.

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Ever since pot has been made legal in the "Land of Lincoln," millions of dollars have been generated for businesses and the state. Each month's sales breaks the previous record. There has been no slowdown.

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Marijuana Industry Success Brings More Opportunities

The success of the marijuana business brings more opportunities. At this point, the industry is not even running at full strength. More dispensary licenses are coming soon which means more jobs. Plus, the state is adding more cash to help with budget issues.

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Illinois Welcomes World's Largest Cannabis Convention Series

Since weed has become a big business in Illinois that opens the door for many other things including pot-related events. Earlier in the year, there was the Cannabis Cup. Now, the world's largest cannabis convention series is bringing an event to Illinois.

According to, 

"The Illinois Cannabis Convention will be the largest gathering of the existing local medical cannabis industry and those getting into the new adult-use recreational market - the perfect B2B and B2C platform for everyone doing cannabis business in the state, and those who want to!"


"In addition to the exhibit hall, there will be three full programming tracks running each day (medical, business, opportunity), with dozens of expert speakers with practical knowledge & advice for attendees of all levels of experience and knowledge."


"The Illinois cannabis convention will also serve as a place for newcomers to learn more about the cannabis market, network with growers, consumers, and investors, and learn about what cannabis legalization means for Illinois."

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Details About Cannabis Convention

  • Convention located at 720 S Michigan Avenue in Chicago.
  • Saturday, December 4th, 11 AM to 5 PM.
  • Sunday, December 5th, 10 AM to 4 PM.
  • Purchase tickets now, HERE.
  • For more info on the event, HERE.

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