Did you know that there was rules and laws about how much "rainwater" you can collect in the state of Illinois? WGNTV

After "some" rain over the weekend for us (way more in Chicagoland) it looks like the grass and plants are a little happier. What if you collected a bunch of rain water to use at a later date...That's ok, right? Well the answer in the state of Illinois is yes AND no.

There is only one state in the entire country where collecting rain is ILLEGAL, that is Colorado. I mean, it falls from the sky...You can just get out a giant container or three to collect it, right? Not out there at least...

Yes, you can collect rain water in Illinois to use later.

Rainwater harvesting collection systems and rainwater harvesting distribution systems to be (A) used only for non-potable uses and (B) constructed in accordance with the Illinois Plumbing Code. Any rainwater collected in barrels may also only be used for outdoor purposes – washing the car, watering the lawn etc, and cannot be used for drinking or cooking. - WGNTV

So there is the "Illinois Plumbing Code" for the state of Illinois. It can be done...But is there an amount of rain you can collect? What if you are collecting more than you should?

In Illinois, it is legal to harvest rainwater, as long as no more than 5,000 gallons of capacity is collected. - WGNTV

So if you plan on collecting over 5000 gallons anytime soon, thing again. LOL. The last thing you want is the rain police, of the "Illinois Plumbing Code" Cops at your front door.

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