It's a sunny and warm summer night in Illinois, and you want to take man's best friend for a walk. You put on your shoes, attach the leash to your besties collar and grab a cold one for the walk...Wait, is this legal in Illinois? WideOpen

The thinking on this one, you are simply walking your streets/ it's not like you are getting behind the wheel. It has to be o.k. to have a beer in hand. Right?

Here is the overall explanation for across the country, because it is different everywhere:

Always remember: It's best to double-check local public drinking laws before you partake, since you may be able to have an open container of alcohol, but many places prohibit glass bottles or cans, meaning you can walk down the street with your margarita, but you can't buy a bottle of wine from the convenience store and sit in a public park to drink it. WideOpenCountry

O.K. now that we have shared that, let's look into the state of Illinois. Specifically, I know for a fact that an open container of alcohol in Chicago is a BIG no no. You will get a ticket on the spot and will be out a couple hundred bucks for that open can of beer.

Statewide, here is what WideOpenCountry says about having an open container of alcohol in public:

There is no statewide ban, but public consumption is illegal in most or all districts. However, in Illinois there is no penalty for public drunkenness, unlike most other states. - WideOpenCountry

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