I once saw a couple kids walking out of a 7-Eleven with a kiddie pool filled with Slurpee.

True story.

It was a really weird day last year. The 7-Eleven is not even a block away from my house. I kept seeing groups of kids or families heading towards 7-Eleven with giant cups, empty milk jugs and even a kiddie pool.

About ten minutes later, I would see them walking back home with their giant containers. It wasn't until I saw the kid with the then empty milk jug walk past me the second time until I realized what was happening.

When I noticed the familiar large straw and the classic Slurpee blue in his once empty milk jug, I knew exactly what was going on.

This year, 7-Eleven is asking you to bring your own cup again for two entire days. On August 19th and 20th, you can bring your own cup and fill it up with the Slurpee of your choice for only $1.50! Eek!

There are only a few rules to this promotion:

  • Your cup must fit upright through at 10 inch hole.
  • It must be clean and food safe.
  • There can be no leaks, your cup must be watertight.
  • Only one cup per person.

Yeaasss! Slurpees for all!

There are two 7-Eleven locations nearby in Belvidere at 707 Logan and 2502 Pearl Street.

Grab your cup and get fillin'!


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