A bowler broke the record for the fastest perfect game.

According to syracuse.com,

"Ben Ketola is believed to have recorded the world's fastest 300 game by rolling 12 strikes on 10 lanes in 1 minute, 26.9 seconds." 

Video: Bowler Ben Ketola sets world record with fastest 300 game

I've always enjoyed bowling, but I've never been good at it.

I started in middle school. I was on a Saturday morning league with some friends. I even had my own bowling ball. Our team was bad. I think we enjoyed getting tasty treats from the snack bar more than the actual bowling.

In high school, we would go quite a bit. Especially, if there wasn't anything going on and we were bored. There was always bowling. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, so there were plenty of bowling alleys to hit.

I went to Illinois State for college and there was a student bowling alley. I took bowling class and got an A. I swear I'm telling the truth. There was actually a bowling class.

When I got to Rockford, I quickly learned how big of a deal bowling is in this town. I didn't even know there were high school bowling teams, until I moved here.

There are some great places here to bowl. Don Carter Lanes, Cherry Bowl, Park Lanes, Forest Hills Lanes to name a few.

I had friends who were on bowling teams, but they were all so serious. I wasn't allowed to play with them, because I sucked.

Then I found out about lousy bowler's leagues. Finally, a chance for me to bowl in a league again. It was Sunday nights in the Summer at Don Carter Lanes.

It was house balls, rented shoes, pizza, and lots of beer.

My goal each game was to break a hundred. I did that, most of the time. Oh and to have a good time, which I always did.

I even participated in a LPBA Pro-Am at Cherry Bowl. I came in last place. Somebody had to. That made it memorable.

It's hard for me to imagine getting a perfect game, let alone do it in record time. Well I guess I've never broken 200, so 300 is way out of my reach.

I have a friend, that doesn't understand how someone can't be a good bowler. I just tell him, watch me and learn how.

I would've loved to watch that guy break the record in person.

I think it would be great to bring him to town. We could take him over to B&B Park Bowl and see him go off. I think he could break his own record.

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