This week’s Iowa caucuses have thrillingly thickened the plot of this election, muddling perceptions about any clear-cut frontrunners and setting the stage for one of the most uncertain election seasons in recent memory. The most shocking development was the near-tie between Democrat contenders Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, clocking the race for the nomination at a practical deadlock. A new X-factor has now surfaced to tip the scales between Bernie and Hil, however, one that will effectively decide the outcome of this summer's national convention. A shocking new video will completely alter the light in which we view the Senator from Vermont, though this is no scandalous sex tape or gaffe on camera.

In the 1999 indie comedy My X Girlfriend’s Wedding Reception, Senator Sanders made a cameo appearance as Rabbi Manny Shevitz (which, for all you readers who pronounce the “ch” in Chanukkah, is a wickedly clever pun on the traditional kosher wine of Manischewitz). In the video clip embedded above, Sanders’ character gives a long, rambling, and highly digressive toast that mostly bemoans the Dodgers baseball franchise’s move to Los Angeles from Brooklyn.

He’s an okay actor, not Reagan-good, but clearly in command of the oratory skills and crazy-person hair that has now commanded the respect and admiration of so many voters. The film in which Bernie appears, however, has not gone on to enjoy the same popularity. The feature, which Amazon describes as chronicling the messy union between a devoutly Jewish and a hardcore Italian family, has mostly faded from memory, but Sanders’ involvement has turned it into a trivia factoid of the moment. Come to think of it, wasn’t the Republican frontrunner guy who came in second in a movie, too? Twice?

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