Two Beloit teens see something unusual at their normal stop  before heading to school, so they stop to lend a hand.


Torian Saeger and Micheal Sachs stop at Burger King every morning before school, but on Valentine's Day something was different. As reported by, the two noticed a woman pacing outside in only her pajamas. She had no coat on either.

Saeger says she and Micheal could tell the woman was in distress after speaking with her. So instead of just leaving her and going on their way, they escorted her across the street to their high school. When they got there they asked the staff to phone the police.

The two went on to say that they were horrified by the idea of what could have happened to this woman had they not taken the action that they did. The Beloit Police posted on their Facebook page about the two teens actions, calling them both heroes. Sachs said "I was just very shocked, it was just something we did out of kindness. We didn't really need recognition for it." He went on to say they were just doing the right thing.

This has also inspired the young man to do more in his community, saying all it takes to help someone is a little effort.

His friend Torian Saeger agrees with him, saying that compassion towards others could be the cure to one's own struggles. Saeger continued with, "No matter if you're in a good place or a bad place, you still have time to help someone," adds Saeger. "It brightens your day, it puts a smile on your face that you might've not had."

The two teens hope the woman is doing well and catch up with her soon.

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