Love him or hate him , you have to admit this is pretty cool.

Al Bello
Al Bello

I've been a Packers fan my entire life. This even includes the 1980's, when they weren't that great of a team. My Dad's idea of vacation was heading to Green Bay for training camp. While we were there, they used to have an event call Fan Photo Day. You could go into the filed where they practiced, stand in line, and meet your favorite players. But I've never had an experience like this.

The Green Bay Gazette reported that Julia Nicoll and her son decided to walk around Chicago and take in all the early holiday decorations in the department store windows. They made this spur of the moment decision the Saturday before the Packers played the Bears at Solider Filed. While waiting to cross the street her son thought he saw Aaron Rodgers waiting to cross the same street they were. Nicoll whispered to her son that she didn't think the Packers QB would be in Chicago on a Saturday night. But as they prepared to cross, she looked for herself and decided to ask if it was him. To which Rodgers replied "Yes, I am".

Rodgers then turned to Nicoll's son Peter and introduced himself. Telling them he was out enjoying the energy and lights of the city before his dinner reservations. They asked Rodgers how he was feeling after his recent collarbone surgery. He then asked Peter some sports related questions, causing the child to apologize for being a Bears fan. Rodgers told him there wasn't a need to. And that he should be, since he lives in Chicago.

After being recognized by others, the two excused themselves and went to text her husband a picture of Peter with No. 12.  Much to their surprise Rodgers caught back up with them and finished their conversation. Nicoll's saying it was like they had been friends or neighbors. He went on to walk with them for 15 to 20 minutes to Michigan Avenue. “The thing for me that really stood out as so awesome was he asked us questions. I would say he asked us more questions than I asked him, because I didn’t want to be nosy and because I didn’t want to invade his privacy.” He asked them about their Thanksgiving day plans and her daughter who will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire next year.

“He was asking me questions that most people would think, ‘Why would Aaron Rodgers care?’ It was so amazing. It was really something, I have to say. It still is,” Julia said. “I told so many people. We just couldn’t believe it, my son and I.”

I love this story so much and not just because I'm a Packers fan. It's just refreshing to see not everyone believing their own hype. More often than not we hear horror stories of how a celebrity acts rudely to one of their fans. This kid got a once in a lifetime encounter with a future hall of fame quarterback. He'll remember this day for the rest of his life. And that's just really cool!!

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