It's always good to know how to avoid scam phone calls.

My early memories of a telephone are a green rotary dial wall phone in our kitchen. Come to think of it, my parent's phone number is older than me.

Then other technology came along like push button phones, answering machines, cordless phones, call waiting, cellphones, and now smart phones.

Some people don't have home phones anymore. They even use their smart phones instead of computers, TV's, and stereos.

As technology moves forward, there is one thing that keeps surviving. That is telemarketing and scam calls.

I remember I paid extra to have an unlisted phone number. That worked for awhile, but after awhile the telemarketing and scam calls started coming.

I thought I was going to be safe when I got rid of my landline and went strictly cellphone. Again, it was great at first. Then the telemarketing and scam calls came back.

I even tried the "Do Not Call List." Nope, I still got the calls.

When it comes down to it, I guess the telemarketing calls are harmless. They are just a little annoying.

The scam calls are what really sucks. People trying to rip me off makes me angry.

My rule of thumb is to not answer any calls that aren't in my phone book. If it's somebody I know or I need to talk to, they will leave me a message and I'll get back to them.

The website did a great article about scam calls.

Here are area codes of calls they recommend you show avoid.

242 – Bahamas
441 – Bermuda
784 – St. Vincent & Grenadines
473 – Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique
876 – Jamaica
284 – British Virgin Islands
345 – Cayman Islands

Also, don't forget. Not only should you avoid answering calls from strange numbers. Don't call them back either.

Most cellphones have a block feature, so you can stop them from calling you back. Plus, there are Apps out there like Mr Number that can identify scam numbers for you.

Best bet is to stick to answering those call from our local area codes 815 & 779.


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