Retro video game company, Atari, is making a come back with a new system.

According to,

"Atari announced that it will release a new console called Atari Box."

Video: First look: A brand new Atari product. Years in the making.

Gamers of the Nintendo, Playstation, and XBox eras don't understand the power of Atari.

When it came out, it was a must have. I think my family was the only one on the block that didn't have one.

There were so many great games.

I picked one up at a used video game store in town a couple of years ago. It felt good to finally own my own Atari. Even after all there years.

It's amazing all the collectors out there trying to purchase different games.

I showed it to my nephew, who is a big gamer. He just laughed. He asked me how I could play it with such bad graphics.

My only hope is not only do they develop new games, but also re-release the old classic games.

Could you imagine playing "Pit Fall" again.


I'll be lined up at the mall to check it out, when it comes out.

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