A couple weeks ago it was revealed that hackers of the cheating website Ashleymadison.com leaked information about 37 million users.

Coed.com reports that 9.7 gigabytes of adulterous data was leaked to the general public. And yes, according to Coed.com, the Reddit website found time to go through the data and find out which states are the most unfaithful states in the union.

Illinois makes the list!

Here are the Top 20 Most Unfaithful States In America

1. Alabama
2. Colorado
3. District of Columbia
4. New Jersey
5. Connecticut
6. Arkansas
7. Massachusetts
8. New York
9. New Hampshire
10. Virginia
11. Maryland
12. Illinois
13. California
14. Washington
15. Rhode Island
16. Pennsylvania
17. Texas
18. Utah
19. Delaware
20. Georgia

Can someone explain to me what is going on in Alabama?




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