Ashley Madison is still a huge topic in day to day conversation.

wisconsin users on ashley madison
Hongqi Zhang, ThinkStock

Marriages all over the country are being tested after the popular affair promoting website Ashley Madison was hacked and user information was popping up all over the internet.

We already found out How Many People in Rockford have Ashley Madison accounts, but what have our friends north of the cheddar curtain have to say about Ashley Madison?

Was it as popular there as it is here? Turns out it was! If you live in one of the cities below, you probably know someone who was a cheater.

According to RoadSnacks, 32 million accounts were created on the website and over 159,000 of those accounts were in Wisconsin alone. That's a lot!

  1. Altoona
  2. Osceola
  3. Madison
  4. Middleton
  5. La Crosse
  6. Lake Geneva
  7. Eau Claire
  8. East Troy
  9. Tomah
  10. Portage

In the number one city Altoona, over 10% of the population were on Ashley Madison! That blew my mind.


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