You NEED to go right to college and get your degree, right?

How Much Money Are You Supposed To 'Gift' High School Graduates?

As area high schools prepare to send more young adult out into the free world, how important is that college degree?

According to NPR there are high-paying trade jobs that sit empty as kids head to college to get their degree. There are over 30 million jobs across the country that pay an average salary of $55,000 that DO NOT require a bachelor's degree.

The message appears to be, graduate high school and go directly to college.

"There is an emphasis on the four-year university track in high schools yet, nationwide, three out of 10 high school grads who go to four-year public universities haven't earned degrees within six years." -  Chris Cortines


"Parents want success for their kids. They get stuck on [four-year bachelor's degrees], and they're not seeing the shortage there is in tradespeople until they hire a plumber and have to write a check". - Mike Clifton, Lake Washington Institute of Technology

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