Like everything else, the world of live pro wrestling on "pause." Nothing makes an event like a pumped up crowd, especially when what is happening in the ring (or on top of it) is game changing.

June 28th, 1998 is a date that changed everything in pro wrestling. Two of the biggest characters (Undertaker and Mankind) delivered something that night, that was iconic.

So let's put the wrestling ring inside a cage, with a top....a top that the wrestlers can climb. Let's start the match there, and let's quickly deliver a moment that could have killed a man..I love pro wrestling.

In a nutshell, Undertaker threw Mankind off the top. Mankind crashed threw a table and missed a metal guardrail by a couple feet. The call of the match by Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler was filled with emotion and repeated what was in my head watching this 22 years ago, oh my goodness he is dead...


"As God as my Witness, He's Broken in Half!" - Jim Ross 


Mankind survived and tried to die a few more times for our enjoyment. 22 years ago THIS changed how we watch wrestling, and how wrestling was/is.


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