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You see these things all the time, the in-game promotions to keep the fans entertained with the athletes take a "time out." I've seen adults ride tricycle, a long mini putt, the sumo suit wrestling, that one is always a good time. But what about the 3/4 court shot? No one ever makes that, right? Ask Dan Calhoun from Bloomington, Illinois.

Dan was selected at the April 14th 1993 Bulls game to shoot a 3/4 court shot at the old Chicago Stadium. Not only were 20,000 people in the stands but Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were watching...no pressure dude.

Dan was selected by the Chicago Bulls P.R. team to shoot the 3/4 court shot. The past 18 Bulls games and 18 3/4 court shot attempts, all missed....But then:

Michael Jordan's quote about the amazing shot was priceless...

"I had a tough time making three free throws just because I was thinking about the guy. It took a lot of concentration." - MJ

There was a rough spot AFTER Dan hit the shot though. The insurance company handling the contest, refused to pay him. The agreement was $50,000 for 20 years...on a technicality the insurance company said that Dan played college basketball, so he was not eligible for the pay out. What crap. Another sponsor of the 3/4 court shot agreed to pay Mr. Calhoun, so he did get paid. NYTIMES

"I only had $2 in my pocket, I had nothing to lose...The ball seemed to be in slow motion, but I knew it was in the moment it left my hand...That night, I couldn't sleep. My heart was pounding too hard." - Dan Calhoun 

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