Yesterday marked the anniversary of a bittersweet rock 'n roll event, The Last Waltz. This was the final concert given by The Band on Thanksgiving Day 1976. They brought along a ton of friends who were/are giants in the music world. Among them was Eric Clapton. Clapton has stated many times that it was The Band's debut album, Music From Big Pink that affected him more than any other album put out by contemporaries. The Band gave thanks on that day to Clapton and to their fans.

Rewind eight years to Cream's final show. It took place on November 26 and it was also Thanksgiving. Cream was the original power trio. Each guy was a lead player. Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton don't take a backseat to anyone. In fact, Ginger will slap you around:

The band burned white hot for two years, putting out four albums and playing legendary live shows. They called it quits and announced they would tour the U.S. on last time and follow up with two final shows at the Royal Albert Hall:

Cream played a run of shows in 2005. In May at the Royal Albert Hall and at Madison Square Garden in November. Jack Bruce died last month and the world lost a fantastic singer, bass player and person.

Opening for Cream at the final shows was the Irish power trio Taste. They were very often compared to the show headliners and also only stayed together for a couple of years. They were led by a blues guitarist Rory Gallagher, a gentleman who could hold his own with Clapton or Hendrix. When Mick Taylor abruptly left the Rolling Stones in 1975, Mick and Keith approached Gallagher about joining the band. Here, have a Taste:


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