Another, yes ANOTHER building has caught fire in downtown Rockford.

Belvidere Fatal Fire
Darth Art, Thinkstock

Early this morning, Rockford Fire Department was called  to 614 7th Street for a 3-Alarm structure fire. What in the world is going on, Rockford? O.K. so Let's recap this extremely suspicious and shady activity in the last few weeks. All of these downtown area fires are coincidence, right?

  • This morning - 614 7th Street
  • July 4th - S. Main near Mill Road
  • July 3rd - 301 7th Street
  • June 25th - Hanley Furniture Building 301 S. Main

If you take to social media you will get a variety of opinions on this series of blazes. I have to be honest, there are some "conspiracy theory" type chatter that sounds pretty legit to me.

As I search online and try to learn more about arson, why people set fires, how people get away with these crimes, I have come to one conclusion. We will never truly get answers and that is a scary thought.





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