The 14th Annual Celebration Exotic Car Festival in Orlando, Florida featured one of our own.

Robin Zander of Cheap Trick
Jim Belmont

Jay Leno, stars from Happy Days, and the "American Chopper" TV show made appearances in Florida last week to help raise money and awareness for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Exotic cars, celebrity appearances, and live music from Robin Zander of Cheap Trick and son Robin Taylor Zander.

Not only human celebrities but famous cars were is attendance as well including "Kitt" from Night Rider, and the "Bluesmobile" from The Blues Brothers.

  • The Flame
  • I Want You to Want Me
  • Peaceful Easy Feeling
  • High and Low (Original song written by Robin Taylor Zander)

Not your typical Cheap Trick set up for Robin, usually between Tom and Rick. For this acoustic performance he was between a DeLorean and a Ferrari.



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