Most of the billionaire women who made Forbes latest list are walking around California but the lady who takes the top spot is actually living the life in Beloit, Wisconsin.

Let me take you through how I discovered this incredible fact today.

Rihanna has been trending all over social media after it was announced that she is now officially the youngest self-made female billionaire at 34 years old.

Kudos to Riri, not only did she manage to rewrite pregnancy fashion this year, but she made a ton of money while she did it.

So I got kind of curious. What does the rest of this list look like?

Let's start with the craziest part. The list came out on June 14, yet for some reason, the story is popping this week, ok just a little weird.

So I start combing through looking for other celebs, there's Oprah Winfrey at number 10 and Kim Kardashian at number 16, Sara Blakely (the woman who invented Spanx) at number 23 and then I see there's a spot on the list that mentions where each woman lives.

Jenny Just from Fintech is from Illinois, she is number 19, but the rest of the ladies mostly reside in California and New York, until we hit the top two and those ladies are living the good life in Wisconsin.

How cool is this?!

You probably know her and you definitely know something she's been a part of, the woman who is the number one ranking self-made women according to Forbes is Diane Hendricks from Beloit, Wisconsin. Her net worth is twice the lady behind her (Judy Faulkner also from WI), at $12.2 Billion.

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Diane is the cofounder and chairman of ABC Supply, which I know mostly because of the brand new ABC Supply Stadium, home of the Beloit Sky Carp.

Shout out to you Diane, congratulations on the huge success, we couldn't be more proud to say you're from the Stateline!

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