According to The Journal Standard, The Freeport School District has received an anonymous donation of $5,000. This donation is to go to the 55 African-American boys that are registered in kindergarten, if they make the correct requirements.

Catherine Yeulet, ThinkStock

The donation will be split among the students if they don't miss more than eight days of school this academic year. If all of the young boys meet this requirement, they and their families will receive about $90.

This private donation already has people talking. Some are opposed to singling out a specific race and others don't seem to mind the extra encouragement.

School Board President Billy Shroyer said the money does not violate the district’s policy on gifts, grants and bequests. He said the donation came through an outside organization but declined to say which one.

According to the policy, "only those gifts that the School Board deems consistent with the policies, programs and best interest of the district will be accepted. Only grants which fit within the goals and focus of the district will be pursued. These grants should enhance the existing program or take the district in an innovative direction which will last well beyond the life of a grant.”

This donation will not be voted on by the board as it has no control over donations.

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