If you enjoy unique flavored craft beers, you might want to check out this popular fall Illinois brewski.

Affy Tapple Flavored Beer Returns To Illinois

Illinois Loves Their Beer

I learned at an early age that many residents of Illinois really enjoy beer. That included my parents, relatives, family friends, and neighbors. I remember as a kid being at parties and lots of brewskis being tossed back by the adults.

I'll drink to that!
Affy Tapple Beer Returns To Illinois

Illinois' Taste In Beer Has Changed

Back in those days, the beer taste of people from Illinois was pretty basic. I remember seeing brands like Old Style, Pabst, and Stroh's. There was never anything fancy or expensive. Nowadays, people still drink those original brands but their tastes have expanded. Craft beers have become huge in the Land of Lincoln.

Affy Tapple Beer Returns To Illinois

Fall Is The Time For New Beer Releases In Illinois

Just another reason that fall is the best season in Illinois. Many new craft beers are released during that time of year. Part of the reason is to feature them at events like Oktoberfest and other major beer festivals.

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Taffy Apple Beer Returns To Illinois

Weird Flavors Of Beer Seem To Work

It's not just beer but with food too. Brewmasters and chefs can combine weird ingredients that would never seem to work together and make a delicious concoction. The perfect example is this unique flavored brewski that is very popular in Illinois during the fall.

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Affy Tapple Beer Returns To Illinois

Popular Fall Illinois Beer Has Unique Flavor

Speaking of those strange flavors that just seem to work. This fall, beer lovers were looking forward to the return of Affy Tapple beer. If you're not familiar, Affy Tapple is a Chicago company that invented the caramel apple. Phase Three Brewing Company in Lake Zurich, Illinois created the popular beverage.

Affy Tapple Flavored Beer Returns To Illinois

According to fox32chicago.com,

It has become an annual fall tradition, and one of the most in-demand beer and food mashups in the country.


Called "A Bushel of Apples" it amazingly does taste like a caramel apple covered in peanuts—in a can.

Affy Tapple Beer Benefits A Great Cause In Illinois

If you purchase any of this special beer, a portion of the money earned is donated to Gigi's Playhouse in Deerfield, Illinois which provides support for people with Down Syndrome.

Paula Capone - GiGi's Playhouse

For more info about Affy Tapple, HERE.

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