He's sung it hundreds of times before, but for some reason Steven Tyler blanked on the lyrics for his Top 20 hit 'Crazy' when he recently came upon an energetic pair of Lithuanian street performers. The above video, taken as Aerosmith continues an overseas tour, shows what happened next.

The violinist and accordion player, clearly veterans of the busking game, expertly recreate the 1994 smash. "Only on the streets of Vilnius," Tyler exclaims, as fans gather around with cellphones.

He is, alas, forced to unleash a few wordless wails when the lines escape him. Tyler spends much of the rest of their flawless rendition simply admiring the song, before attempting to match the violinist's soaring final notes.

Aerosmith's travels to Moscow next, followed by St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm and Berlin in the coming days. The group returns to North American on its 'Let Rock Rule' tour in early July. Let's hope Tyler can get hold of a lyric sheet before then.

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