Looking to add that new four-legged family member to your crew? Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary is a great place to find that new pet. I always check what dogs are available there every single day when I get to work. I check to see if our Fursday dog has been adopted, and I also just admire the adorable pups.

This morning when I went to their Facebook page I audibly gasped. I have to share what I found because it's just too cute.

LOOK AT THEM! Not only are they adorable, they're named after my favorite movie ever, 'Grease'! Chacha, Danny, Doody, Frenchy, Jan, Kenicke, Marty, Rizzo, and Sunny. I mean ... COME ON!  To check out all of them you can head to Noah's Ark's Website.

The adorable Facebook post details -

They're 8 weeks old and ready for their big adoption day! They are Pitbull mix puppies and the stinking cutest. As pups, they will require lots of monitoring, training and patience. But in return they will be your best friend forever. All 9 of them will be ready for adoption tomorrow, 5/13/19.

So go give these cuties a visit and find your forever best friend.

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