We are sad to report that Ken Weatherwax, the actor who played Pugsley Adams in the 'Addams Family' TV series, has passed away from a heart attack at age 59.

In addition to playing the role of the portly character for the run of the '60s series, Weatherwax went on to reprise his role in an animated version of the series in the '70s, later playing Pugsley Sr. in 'Addams Family' TV movie in 1977. TMZ reports that Weatherwax also attended fan conventions. His family is reportedly planning two funerals for the actor: One for his family and one for fans.

In 2008, the actor -- who later served in the Army -- recalled the fondness of his experience playing Pugsley Addams.

"Doing the show was great. Being around the cast and all of that was wonderful," Weatherwax recalled on the 'O' Reilly Factor.' You can watch his sweet interview here.

R.I.P., Ken Weatherwax.

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