One of the "Things Double T Has Never Done In Rockford" is play like a child at the Discovery Center in Rockford.

I continue with my video series "Things Double T Has Never Done In Rockford" with a trip to the Discovery Center.

Once again, my friend, Andrea from the RACVB, has taken me on another Rockford adventure. Special thanks to her for also doing all the camera work for this episode.

We met up with Ann Marie, the Marketing Director, from the Discovery Center to show us around.

I've been to the Discovery Center before, but it was an "adult." I would take my daughter there when she was younger. I never got to enjoy all the attractions. This time I'm playing the part of the kid.

Video: "Things Double T Has Never Done In Rockford" playing like a kid at the Discovery Center in Rockford.

As you can see, I had a great time.

There are so many fun things to do. Plus, a bonus for parents. They sneak in a little learning for the children too. Hands-on exhibits have always been my favorite. They've got plenty.

We are really lucky to have a museum like that in Rockford. It's one of the many good things we have in our community. If you've never been, I suggest grabbing the family and checking it out.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of "Things Double T Has Never Done In Rockford."

Thank you to Ann Marie and Andrea for all of their help.

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