This dilapidated old strip mall in Rockford has finally been demolished.

Sometimes when I'm driving around town, I'll see an old building that hasn't been used forever and wonder if anything will ever move in. When they are in bad shape, I think it should just be torn down. If they don't have anything to replace it, then just make it greenspace.

If you haven't noticed, there are quite a few of them in our community. I've actually talked to Mayor McNamara about it a couple of times when he's been on my show. He agrees and blight is a big citywide issue that he has been focusing on.

One area that I think is particularly bad is on East State Street near Don Carter Lanes. There are two buildings right by each other. They are a former grocery store and strip mall. Not only have they been unused for years but they are also in terrible shape.

Many visitors heading downtown from I-90 will drive by that mess. It's time for it to go. I actually did a story about it earlier this year. A few months ago, the city took over the property and was planning the demolishing of it. For more info, HERE.

I drove by that area this week and was pleasantly surprised. The strip mall part was torn down. You can see it in this picture I took.


I looked up the City of Rockford Facebook page to get an update. Here's what it said.

"A condemned strip mall near the former Magna grocery store at 3915 E. State Street has been demolished. The City recently took control of the former Magna/CVS building and negotiated payment from the former owner of more than $120,000 to cover the cost of demolition or redevelopment. That project is slated to move forward later this year."

That will definitely improve that area. Congratulations to the city of Rockford. Keep up the great work.

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