HERE'S how much we hate doing chores: We'd rather DIE ALONE than live with someone who doesn't do their share of the dishes.

According to a new survey created by OnePoll on behalf of Durgol, one in three Americans say they've ended a relationship over chores and cleaning.

The survey also found the 10 messy things that our significant others and family members do that annoy us the most. And they are:

  1. Leaving dishes in the sink
  2. Leaving the toilet seat up
  3. Leaving cabinet drawers open
  4. Leaving the fridge door open
  5. Leaving caps off things in the fridge
  6. Leaving cups and dishes around the house
  7. Leaving the lights on when they leave a room
  8. Not closing bags of potato chips
  9. Letting the garbage can overflow
  10. Leaving shoes in the doorway

And finally, the survey found the average person cleans something two times a week that someone else already cleaned.

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