Here is your "Must Do Selfie List" for 815 Day in Rockford.

Greeting Card from Rockford, Illinois. ca. 1941, Rockford, Illinois, USA, Rockford, founded in 1834, is the third largest city in the state of Illinois. Population more than 85,000. Noted for its machine tool and furniture industries. Just a few miles sou
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As we all prepare for the single greatest holiday next to Christmas, here is a list that helps make you the most Rockford person ever.

Tomorrow is "Rockford Day" or "815 Day" and we have created a MUST DO list of 7 selfies to take on Wednesday.

  • In Front of The Coronado
  • In Front of The Symbol
  • With Double T
  • With Mayor McNamara
  • Holding Beef-A-Roo Cheese Fries
  • Pre-Double Dare Drop at Magic Waters
  • With Jerry Kortman





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