Put on your favorite pajamas, grab a glass of wine and a bowl of popcorn. It's movie night with The Eagle.

2016 is coming to an end which means more 'best of' lists than you can handle. Thankfully, this list comes with moving pictures.

Here's the biggest YouTube videos from our channel in 2016!

7. Mannequin Challenge at Rockford Radio Stations: The Mannequin Challenge has been all over social media, so of course we had to get in on the action.

6. Weird Ass Rockford Episode 4 - Abandoned Radio Station: An abandoned radio station from over thirty years ago gets investigated.

5. 12-Year-Old Rockford Guitar Great Christopher Ruckman: Lori discovered this incredible guitar player on YouTube. After his performance on The Eagle, Chris has played all over town including the National Anthem at the Rockford Rivets Game!

4. Lori Has a Very Important and Personal Announcement to Make: Lori had quite a life changing 2016, and she couldn't wait to share the news with you back in February.

3. Captain Jack Interviews Tommy Thayer of KISS: This isn't the only KISS video that makes the top 7, but it is one of our favorites.

2. Weird Ass Rockford Episode 1 - The Goth Ledge: If you ever went to the city's annual On The Waterfront Festival, you knew all about the Goth Ledge.

1. Paul Stanley of KISS Joins Captain Jack: CJ had an incredible time chatting with Paul Stanley and asking him your questions.

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