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There are your normal Wisconsin facts, "The Dairy Capital," the birth place of Harley Davidson, Monroe is the Swiss Cheese Capital...Those types of things, but you knew that because you are smart. But what about the stuff WORTH knowing, the fun stuff.

So because we don't want any name calling, you F.I.B. I thought we would supply you with some fun Wisconsin facts that will make you the life of the Wisconsin party...Please digest these and enjoy.

Here are:

 6 Critical Things You Must Know About Wisconsin, or You Might be a F.I.B.

  • The first circus in the United States of America was in Delavan, Wisconsin. - Not saying that explains a lot, but c'mon...
  • Wisconsin's motto is "Forward". I'd be worried if it was "backwards."
  • Green Bay is the Toilet Paper Capital of the World. - "Go Poop Go!"
  • Mount Horeb is the Troll Capital of the World and home to the Mustard Museum. - Bridge walkers beware.
  • The Hamburger hall of fame is located in Seymour. - I'm just happy there's a Hall of Fame for hamburgers.
  • It is estimated that Wisconsinites eat almost 21 million gallons of ice cream a year! - I think this is a really good one. Combine the whole toilet paper thing in Green Bay and that whole Lactose Intolerance is taken care of...sorta.

Well there you go. There will be no test...Just learn it and love it. :)

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