Late for work, again? Why not try one of these Rockford excuses?

Before I worked in radio, I worked at fine dining restaurants in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

I'll never forget the look on my boss' face when I showed up 18 minutes late to work. I was always very punctual being at least ten minutes early for every one of my shifts.

He asked why I was late and I told him the truth. I said, "I was stuck behind a tractor on a one-way street."

You see, I lived in a more rural area, where it was common for large farming equipment to drive on the streets slowly from one plot of land to the other. If you were one of the unlucky ones, you would get stuck behind the tractor for mile after excruciatingly slow mile.

My boss didn't believe me. I don't blame him, because I worked in a very populated suburb where the idea of a tractor was ridiculous. But, I promise, I was telling the truth.

Running late businessman looking at his watch in distress
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If you find yourself late for work and looking for a believable excuse, why not try one of these?

  1. I sat down to have a Doughboys donut and coffee for breakfast, but ended up eating a dozen.
  2. The smell coming from the Rock River knocked me unconscious.
  3. I got stuck circling the Auburn Street Roundabout for 15 minutes.
  4. When I was driving to work, I realized I had two different Sock Monkeys on my feet! I had to turn around and change.
  5. I couldn't figure out how to drive east on the Jefferson Street Bridge.
  6. My car got swallowed by a pot hole. I can't find it.

Go ahead, try them out. I'm sure your boss will believe you.

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