This isn't your average shot and beer bar... these cocktails can be considered works of art. Two of these bars are in Illinois.

I'm always fascinated by these lists as I could never imagine drinking one of these drinks. I'd be too afraid I would break the hand made ice container, I would accidentally swallow a chunk of dry ice or that I wouldn't enjoy the flowers on top.

The Artesian Bar in London tops the list again for the third year in a row. Not hard to believe. Their signature cocktail the 'Digidiva' is an absolute work of art. The ingredients alone I can not pronounce and need their own 'nonreactive containers' to prepare them in. This sounds like a science experiment. You can read the recipe here. Doesn't it look amazing?

I've never been to either of these bars, but my friend Michelle went to one of them. I definitely got a drunken picture of her and a glow-in-the-dark bottle of Dom Perignon. She's fancy.

Michelle, Townsquare Media
Michelle, Townsquare Media
The Aviary. It is located at Fulton Market and Morgan streets in Chicago. Their
website seems to be very secretive. Is that part of their awesomeness? I'm not sure. Although after a bit of research I did find this fancy tweet:

Finally, the second Illinois location to make it on the list is Three Dots and a Dash. (This is where my fancy friend Michelle had the tasty drinks.)

She says it's "Hawaiian, a trip to the land of rum, pirate ship esque and amazing fruit things." Those are her literal words, in text form. (I told you she was fancy.)

Three Dots and a Dash is located on North Clark in Chicago and is the home to the coolest treasure chest around. It is $385 and serves six to eight people. Inside is that fancy glow-in-the-dark bottle of Dom Perignon, Aged Jamaican Rum, Blackberry, Pomegranate, Pineapple, Lemon and Falernum. What is Falernum? I don't know but it sounds good.

Top 50 Best Bars in the World here. Have you ever been to one of them before?

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