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School is pretty much back in session for most of the Rockford-area or it's about to resume. Even if parents have opted for their child(ren) to do remote learning, some school supplies will still be needed. As a parent, I always have to fight the urge to buy folders and things with designs that I like or I think is funny. Thankfully, their mother is quick on damage control and leaves me the items that are universally generic so that I can unintentionally humiliate my kids to get them in trouble with their teachers.

If you're still on the hunt for school supplies or want to add a little extra to your kids' backpacks, here are a few ideas that are SFS (safe for school).

This Pita Bread Pencil Case that looks so real someone might try to eat it. It's ... only.... $24.


Ok, so maybe you don't want to spend more than $20 on the pita pencil case. How about a fish pencil case that's about half the cost? Grab it here.

Outus via Amazon

After you have your new pencil/marker holder, you can color one this calculator.

Mustard and Co. Store via Amazon

At one point in time there were pencils that were partially made of licorice... you know, in case your child gets hungry while working on that book report.

And, finally, if you can't pick from the items above why not pick this one. It'll run you about $4. Grab it here.

CAS via Amazon

Regardless of the school supplies you've bought, and regardless of whether your child(ren) is in school or remote learning, remember you're making the best decision you can while navigating a crazy time in life.

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