When it comes to "unwritten rules" we all have some...Whether it's personal, at work, or even state by state.

In Illinois we have a bunch of these, and the majority of them are all weather related...Big shocker, right? So let's take a look at:

5 'Unwritten Rules' Illinoisans Live By, All Weather Related

1. Don't Celebrate Snow - When the time that the first snowfall hits, wow is that great! Not really. It sucks and it's going to suck more. Don't celebrate it.

Snow written on car windscreen
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2. Never trust the weatherman - The weather in Illinois switches and redirects so freakin' fast, can you really trust the suit and tie telling you what it's gonna be like for the next ten days? Nope.


3. It's always cold on Halloween - Doesn't matter, can't argue this. When the kids are gonna trick-or-treat...make sure they have a sweatshirt on under their costume...Too bad.


4. Keep a windshield scraper in your car - At any given time, bam. Snow. 

winter driving - scraping ice from a windshield

5. Corn should be knee high by the 4th of July - Yes this is weather related at well. The sun and heat, boom. Corn. 

Heat And Dry Weather Worries Illinois Farmers About Corn Crops
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They all make perfect sense, right?

Out of all of your friends, how many of them follow these? I know that there are some that think a "first snowfall is pretty" but c'mon people, no it's not.

Unwritten rules...Illinois...love 'em and learn 'em.

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