What an amazing weekend in Orlando, and Detroit.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

This past weekend I took my kids to Orlando for Wrestlemania 33. Just three teenage boys hanging out with 75,000 other crazy wrestling fans.

The entire weekend, including WWE Axxess was an amazing experience. Wrestling fan or not, seeing how the WWE puts an entire weekend of activities together for it's fan base is incredible.

So what the heck was I doing in Detroit? After our flight was cancelled out of Orlando, we chose to fly to Detroit late last night and drive back. Just added to the excitement of a boys weekend.

The entire "vacation" was a learning experience, but I narrowed it down. Here are 5 Things I learned at Wrestlemania 33:

  • Wrestling Fans Overthink Everything - Sit back and enjoy the matches, what you thing is happening "behind the curtain" isn't enhancing your experience.
  • Orlando is Rockford but With Amusement Parks -  I was really soaking in the sights and sounds of Orlando. Get rid of the mouse, it's Rockford.
  • Real Wrestling Belts are a Must Have - With 75,000 people in attendance, every 9th or 10t person had a "real" WWE Championship belt. They run $300-$500 a piece.
  • Women Wrestling is as big as it's ever been - The crowd reaction to the women's matches were incredible. Louder reaction than a lot of the guys.
  • The Last Dance for The Undertaker - Being able to see The Deadman's final match was incredible. He is one the greatest performers of all time.




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