Nothing says "socially-distanced" more than getting lost in a corn maze, don't ya think? LOL!

I have never been through a legit corn maze before. When I say "legit" I mean a corn maze that covers acres of land and has more than like 3 possible paths to take. Why? Because I am HORRIBLE with directions, and I know for sure I will get lost and panic. That being said, going through a corn maze is something I really would like to try with my family, and thanks to, I now know there are 5 awesome ones we could try this Fall in the Stateline.

  1. Skelly's Farm Market in Janesville, WI - Skelly's has two different corn mazes to try, The Adventure Maze and The Impossible Maze, and both of them are open daily through Halloween. Maze maps are provided before entering, and Skelly's corn mazes are the first to feature Smartphone GPS!
  2. All Seasons Orchard in Woodstock, IL - All Seasons' corn maze spans over 10 acres and features a shorter path for younger kids, and a longer path perfect for experienced mazers.
  3. Jonamac Orchard in Malta, IL - Jonamac's corn maze is celebrating NIU's 125th anniversary this year, but after dark, the maze gets haunted for those that really like a good scare. Pre-registration is required, get more info here.
  4. Goebbert's Pumpkin Patch in Pingree Grove, IL -  Besides having a corn maze to run through, Goebbert's has a TON of other attractions the kids will love. Tickets must be bought in advance here. FYI; they also have a holiday light show you will probably want to check out this Christmas too.
  5. Richardson Farm in Spring Grove, IL - Richardson's is home to the "World's largest and most intricate corn maze" that spans 28 acres of land and created out of 4 smaller mazes. Buy tickets online here.

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