Here are five reasons why people with 779 area codes don't like Rockford 815 Day.

I think 815 Day is a good concept. It's a chance to celebrate everything Rockford. The community can really focus on supporting local businesses and activities.

There is a downside. The idea for the day came from the phone number area code, which is 815. The only problem with that is this area is no longer all 815. There is another one, 779.

Here are five reasons people with 779 area codes don't like 815 Day.

  • Nobody makes 779 shirts. Several places make 815, but good luck finding 779.
  • There will never be 779 Day. It doesn't work. July 7th doesn't get it done.
  • Saying everyone is 815 on 815 Day is like saying everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day. You can lie about it, but deep down you know the truth.
  • People will think you are new in town with a 779 number. If you change your number or phone service, be careful. You could end up with 779.
  • If they ask you for your number when you are enjoying an 815 Day Special, everyone will know you are a fraud. They might not let you participate.

Don't worry, if you show up at Pub 815 on Riverside for 96.7 The Eagle 815 Party. It doesn't matter if you're 815 or 779, you are welcome to come.

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