Nothing more refreshing than a cool drink, but are you drinking the right stuff this summer?

Water Bottle Flipping

Hydration is super important this weekend with the sun blazing and temps in the 90's. Of course plenty of water while you are out in the heat is super important. But what about those beverages that give you and that instant chill.

  • Vietnamese Iced Coffee - Never heard of this one. Sounds delicious.
  • Iced Sun Tea - With family in St Louis I know this one well.
  • Whiskey Sour - Lemon juice, sugar, and bourbon, chill out!
  • Ice Cream Float - This one explains itself
  • Spiked Milkshake - Frozen with a buzz included

Again, an ice cold bottle of water or three will always be the best go to. But if you wanna flavor it up a little bit, try these bad boys and see if they cool your jets this summer.






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